Our Philosophy

Low and slow. Nuff said.

Our Story

We've had a passion for serving BBQ around our neighborhood for years. Holidays, weekends, trips, we're always bringing the smoke to the party. When the opportunity to make awesome BBQ full time for a living came, we jumped.

Meet the Team

Just some local Brandon guys that decided operating a BBQ trailer would be the bees knees. These are the guys that smoke the meat.

David Padgett

President & Pit Master

The man, the myth, the legend, the hidden genius behind the BBQ.

Rich Ellis

VP & Chief Gopher

He's really into beer. Seriously, don't get him started. He likes BBQ a little too, I guess.

James "Quincy" Near

Grand Illustrius Beard-entate

We're pretty sure he's not a bearded lady. Oh, and he makes freakin' good food.

Hungry for kick ass BBQ?

Give us a call for catering or come down to the trailer and try some Rib Bone Bar-B-Que. You'll love it.